We stay in an information society, where it pays to know more, and the same can be said of human evolution; where man by his constant innovation was able to cross the barriers strewn on his path, and conquer impregnable barriers, that seemed unsurpassable. Innovation motivated man to improvise, as he was never content in accepting the status quo, because of his indomitable nature. A thinking man, progressed in leaps and bounds, as he never was complacent

The goal of “THE FLAG POST” is not to challenge conventional established norms or principles, or go against the wind! The role for any new magazine is to act as a mirror, to reflect the views and opinions of the viewer, and publish the same in its unadultrated form. The need of the hour from any media house is to present information without being biased or taking sides; or putting on display clouded and coloured opinions. We live in an era of “Breaking News”, where no news is taboo, and the happenings are reported with clinical precision; one can view the opinions of panelists with diverse backgrounds, taking sides, or running the other opponent down. The discussion is a free for all, a classic lesson in hyperbole, reminding the viewers that doomsday is not far away. Every media avenue be it: print or electronic has its role cut-out; and shouldn’t be viewed as stepping on another’s turf.

The task cut out for “THE FLAG POST”, is to inform the reader to make the right informed choices, and not hoodwink himself in believing divisive news and rumours that gain currency, and catch up faster than flu. The magazine will focus on all relevant newsworthy news that deserves the required publicity. TFP, shall try to steer clear from aligning with any political party; and carry neutral news reported without any fear or favour. The emphasis of TFP, shall be to give an incisive analysis and an insight into events and not single out one particular region, person or a topic; its focus shall be multi-dimensional in its choice of stories and subjects.

As a rainbow has seven colours; TFP, shall work on the rainbow pattern, and not make it dull or drab, neither political, nor academical. It will cover all topics that make it a riveting read. TFP will carry stories of: local, regional, national, international, politics, economics, agriculture, socio-economic issues, regional imbalances of impoverished regions, environmental degradation, farmer’s rights, realty, infrastructure related, and industrial output; along with labour unrest, health, malnutrition, and populist policies of the government. The tech-savvy, well heeled, well fed, and well read, shall seek solace from the diverse issues we cover like: highlighting on technological up gradations & gadgetry, sports, fashion, various upcoming brands, humour, trivia, book reviews; and to sum it up all with interviews of corporate, politicians, and celebrities. TFP’s primary thrust is not giving too much or too little attention to an event, but to give it the attention that it rightly deserves! So, let all our new readers be known about the stand that we propose to take, and invite them to embark on a journey, and pass by milestones.


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