LINEN CLUB :A One In A Million Luxury Linen Collection

by William M Cardozo

December 12,2019


Inheriting LINEN the story of Fine Linen is interwined with the history of mankind. And, it’s the world of Linen Luxury with top-notch 100% Pure Linen Collection. So, step in and don’t look back.

The Finest Linen ever since 1949 – Linen Club is a prominent manufacturer of 100% Pure Linen Fabric since more than 60 years. Our entire Linen Collection is made from hand-picked fibres sourced from France, Belgium and other parts of Europe, and spun, woven and dyed with the best European technology.

 “The difference between style and fashion is quality”.

– Giorgio Armani 

 Every season, a comprehensive Linen Club look-book expresses these vibrant stories to both internationally recognised fashion houses and discerning customers for bespoke tailoring.


Linen Club Clothing Designer Studio


European culture is entwined inextricably with passion, quality and meticulous craftsmanship values, inspiring revolutionary trends globally. Linen is no different.

Style is a state of mind. Elegance is a refusal of the ordinary. Fashion is greater than the sum of the two. It is not subjective. Today, it is an ever-changing, constantly evolving dialogue between the most extraordinary, stylish people in the world.

“Our fashion designers are wired into this global colloquy. Years of practice allows them to tap global trends, forecasting what’s in before it is”.

At our state-of-the-art design house, which we refer to affectionately as the Atelier, ideas bloom. The collaborative efforts of storied linen-maker and a forward thinking coterie of fashion experts keeps every swatch, every chambray, every stunning shade au courant.

These are the men and women at the wheel of creativity at Linen Club, driving forays into unexplored artistic territory with unparalleled technical expertise and creative vision. Our designers use the latest Penelope software for design development. Keeping up with the world of linen demands no less.

The Colour Story

Every chic ensemble, exclusive combination or vibrant theme tells a story. The storytellers at our Atelier don’t use words, they use herringbones, twills, colours, stripes, checks, chambrays, ombrés, prints, and finishes to express their visions.

They speak the progressing language of international fashion through colour combinations and yarn palettes, designing singular linen that is made-for-the-season, exclusive and completely in sync with the dialogue of haute couture across the world.

LINEN CLUB: Clothing Manufacturer India – the company was different. It had a vision. It was about to attempt and succeed at the impossible. For an Indian textile maker to step up to the experience and standards of Europe and the West in textiles was virtually unthinkable, yet here was Linen Club, producing a superlative quality of linen fabric right here in India going toe to toe with other global giants. 

It is here that the journey of fine linen in India began. A journey intertwined with the history of Linen Club. A brand that is today inseparable from the paradigm of fine linen in India and the world.

“Walk into our exclusive showrooms for a sartorial experience par excellence, from the finest in fabrics to the latest in apparel and accessories”.

 It is here that the journey of fine linen in India began. A journey intertwined with the history of Linen Club. A brand that is today inseparable from the paradigm of fine linen in India and the world.

“Walk into our exclusive showrooms for a sartorial experience par excellence, from the finest in fabrics to the latest in apparel and accessories”.


Linen is no ordinary fabric. It is a perfectionist’s material. For those that have the patience and the grit to create linen, there is a special reward at the end of the toil – a textile of rare longevity, unrivalled texture and exceptional comfort. Every yard of fabric created at Linen Club is so much more than a yard of mundane cloth; it is an achievement.

Many hands touch the linen while it is being made. The skilled workers who have honed their craft at Jaya Shree Textiles for decades, the floor supervisors whose lifelong study of the fabric could earn a doctorate at any institution of learning, the engineers whose grasp on the subject is absolute, the clothiers and designers with fabulous visions of linen grandeur who are eroding the boundaries of textile brilliance; every expert hand that touches our fabric leaves something behind. A little piece of themselves. A mark of perfection.


We are proud to be certified by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC), the only European agro-industrial organisation federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen and hemp.


The finished product is always unique; fabric spun from the finest French and Belgian linen fibres in a mind-boggling palette of eclectic colours, designs and textures, boasting consummate craftsmanship in tailored as well as ready-to-wear apparel. This variety, combined with the careful application of cutting edge European technology is what separates Linen Club from its many imitators, and why the quality of our linen fabric is so difficult to replicate


DIFFERENT IS FLEXIBLE In a world that keeps evolving at every passing moment, only the truly different can effortless blend into any situation without breaking a sweat. From a high-flying professional to a doting family man to the charming showstopper who’s the life of every party, the Linen man is well-versed in every role he plays. He can adjust, accommodate, and alter his persona on the fly, without being bound by any rules or restrictions. Simply put, he is truly flexible.

And just like the man who’s flexible in any aspect of life, is the fabric that he wears. Lightweight, breathable, and a testament to delivering utmost comfort at all times, Linen is the labour of love that lets its wearer breathe easy, no matter where he is.


“Our quest to bring this incredible fabric to India began many decades ago. Today, we’re proud to celebrate the love for this fabric that emanates from every corner of the world. Sourced from Europe, perfected in our state-of-the-art factories in India, and each yard inspected by our master craftsman – our Linen fabrics and shirts have brought in a whole new range of colours, patterns, and designs, with comfort, style, and luxury in every weave”.


In the latest Linen Club TVC featuring the free-spirited Farhan Akhtar, we’ve showcased how our finest Linen fabrics exude boundless comfort in every outfit, giving you the freedom you need to channel your easy-going demeanor. Through fabrics and Linen shirts that are truly made for the different, this is our ode to the ones who remain flexible in whatever they do in life.


Linen Club from the house of Jaya Shree Textiles is eyeing to double its business to Rs. 1,500 crore and add 200 stores in its retail network by 2024, said a company official. The Aditya Birla Group is focusing at expanding in Tier-2 and Tier-3 markets along with its cluster-based approach where people are spending more on tailored clothes. Apart from expansion in domestic market, Linen Club, which has few stores in the Middle-East, is also exploring opportunities to open stores in South-East-Asian countries.

“We want to double our business and be around Rs. 1,500 crore by 2024 along with a network of 400 brand outlets,” said Satyaki Ghosh, Aditya Birla Group CEO – Domestic Textiles & Thai Acrylic Fibre.

Besides, the brand’s fabric distribution to multi-brand outlets would also be doubled to around 11,000 outlets from the current 6,500 units, he confirmed. Linen Club’s present revenue base is around Rs. 700 crore to Rs. 800 crore.

“We would introduce lots of new products. We also sell to lots of brands which use our fabric. That business would also grow,” Satyaki added.

Talking about the overseas expansion, Jasvinder Kataria, Senior VP – Linen Business, Jayashree Textiles, said that the company has long-term plans to introduce Linen Club in the Western markets. “As of now, it’s not there but in the long-term we have. We want to open design hubs in US and Europe. We are already supplying to lots of brands and our first endeavour is to go there and understand it (market),” said Jasvinder. The company opened its 195th store at Khan Market in South New Delhi.  


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