See Beautiful Art from Jagal Bet to Ram Nagar in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka

December 14, 2020

By The Flag Post staff


The state of Karnataka boasts of teeming flora and fauna, and home to the highest number of tigers in the country at last count.  If one is lucky, he may spot and photograph wild animals during a safari or during a drive through a thick forest. And if less fortunate to see wild animals in their natural habitat;  there still is consolation, as one can view, take pictures and be mesmerized by the near perfect wall art on bus stops in some parts of the state. One such route is the one from Ram Nagar- Joida- Dandeli in the Uttara Kannada (UK) district of the state. One should stay alert while driving and watch for beautiful pieces of art on bus stops of fauna and the avian species.

The road route from Jagal Bet to Ram Nagar has plenty of such art and one can only be amazed at the skills of the artist and the fine detail and justice meted out to each piece of art. One can see the national bird peacock and different varieties of avian species with their long trains, nurturing their young in their nests and their colourful plumage. Keeping them company are small animals like a family of jackals; porcupine; slender loris; lion tailed macaque (LTM) and wild boar all seen in peaceful co-existence on the walls of the bus stops in uninhabited scenic locales. On travelling further one will come across, bigger animals like our heritage animal, the elephant, raising its trunk; a family of bears with their cubs; a black panther, a sambhar and the national animal tiger.  On another wall an adult wild bison (bos gaurus) looks menacing and adds up to the excellent art. The traveller and the tourist with a keen eye will come across such art and can only be amazed at them. The English poet, John Keats, words are truly immortalized on this scenic route, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

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