INDIA Alliance’s Third Meeting concludes in Mumbai

September 02, 2023

By Manjunath K. Shresthi


India Alliance is now complete with its three meetings, with the last one (August 31-September 01) concluded in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The elections season has officially begun with demarcations becoming clear on India’s political heat map. It’s now INDIA Alliance vs BJP led NDA. If the Mumbai meeting saw the get together of 28 political parties being represented by their official party members. The BJP has not been sitting idle either.

It’s now over the moon and after the G20 Summit, to be held in this September month, it will make rapid strides in the political atmosphere. It also has called for a four day special Parliamentary session, and it will definitely try to score brownie points at the expense of the INDIA Alliance.

Voices of dissent emerged from Mumbai, that the 11 day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi beginning from September 18; but BJP believes everything is fair in love, war and during the election season. The Mumbai meet concluded without the official logo of the alliance being unveiled. As the BJP takes elections seriously than governance, it will try to fix things as per its convenience, political advantage and posturing. Whether its new obsession for ‘One Nation, One Election’ will now become a reality? As the states of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana are due for assembly polls during the beginning or mid winter season. Will the general elections also be called at the same juncture or is it another manoeuvre to stall the surging force of the united INDIA Alliance?

If the early general election rumour is to be believed, is the INDIA alliance ready to take on the BJP led NDA? There can be no reason to complain, as the alliance has also been making its progress to stop the BJP and PM Modi from getting re-elected for the third term. But anything is possible in the election season, and difficult to predict the outcome.

The Alliance and its like-minded parties have been crying foul about how real democracy has been dying a slow death since 2014? But will it be able to make an impact and catch the imagination of the masses during the upcoming elections? The BJP led by PM, called the Alliance ‘Ghamandiya’, and the Alliance members also retorted during the run up to August 15, ‘’that it would be the last time, that he’d be hoisting the national flag from the historic Red Fort’’. But one question on everyone’s mind is who from the INDIA Alliance can take on and match PM Narendra Modi oratorical skills?

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