Codava National Council (CNC) Supporters Offer Ritualistic Prayers For The Departed Codava Souls At Devaatt Paramb

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After the Cauvery Theerthodbhava the CNC members offered ritualistic placing of Dosa & Putt (in top of Botthh /“Herbal Tree Creeper called Botthh Balli”), around the Devaatt Paramb tragic genocide site on day of Cauvery Theerthodhbava (18-10-2019) early in the morning. Nachappa Codava, Codava National Council (CNC) President and CNC supporters offered ritualistic prayer for the departed Codava souls who were mercilessly massacred at Devaatt  Paramb site.  This folklore practice has been in vogue since the 18th century.  The CNC observed “Stick Darting” ritual earlier. It is the tradition of Codavas to dart ‘Botthh’ in their wet lands, paddy drying yards (Boti Kala), cow dung pit, cattle shed, drinking water wells, gates and the front area of their residential houses five days prior to the celebrations of Cauvery Tholeyar Changrandhi every year. Every stick that has been darted will be fixed with “Herbal Tree Creeper called Botthh Balli”.


Codava National Council President N.U. Nachappa Codava and volunteers of CNC prayed at Devaatt Paramb (tragic genocide memorial site), and offered holy spring water of river Cauvery for the departed souls and sprinkled holy water of the river  on the spot. Needless to add that each and every Codava tribe, who visits Talacauvery pilgrimage enroute to Devaatt Paramb, where the visitors reverentially place green leaves as oblations to the departed Codava souls of Devaatt Paramb, and this practice has been continuing ever since centuries ( December 12, 1785) and the Codavas consider the spot to be sacred.

The sacred site was visited by CNC President  NU Nachappa Codava, and the other CNC members present there were Kaliyanda Prakash, Mandapanda Manoj, Areyada Girish, Katumaniyanda Umesh, Pattamada Kusha and Almanda Jai were part of the program.

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