People Centric Leadership by Prachi Bishnoi, Founder, Glomm

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July 24, 2020


The Covid-19 crisis had left many businesses scrambling, trying to cope up with remote working challenges; but is it the pandemic or the messed up communication model in the work culture that we are forced to look into because of the pandemic? Glomm, a digital marketing agency started by Prachi Bishnoi in January, 2020, managed to rise above the crisis and continued providing customized, seamless services and experiences for its clients all over the world, as it embraced the concept of a location free office right from its inception.

At Glomm, there are no hiring mismatches, and employ people who are passionate about their work, and give them the independence of working from anywhere in the world. We leverage technology to ensure everyone is well connected and contributing to the seamless virtual environment. This helps people connect individually, take ownership of work and ensures that they don’t feel unheard.

Prachi Bishnoi, Founder, Glomm believes that “The actual problem lies in the huge gaps in hiring, I have witnessed a designer graduate being hired for selling a design. The first job for a student fresh out of college is an important step in moulding the career and it can affect their interest and productivity if the job role assigned is not aligned with what they love and are passionate about. It has direct impacts on efficiency, creativity and productivity of the person as well as the team.”

The new normal environment has forced almost every industry to implement and adjust with the work from home culture, which was far from consideration otherwise. The jobs that can be done being independent of a location not only saves time & resources every day but can also help increase the work productivity and efficiency as people will take responsibility for their work along with better management of work-life balance.

At Glomm, we believe that pressure might get the work done but it can affect the employees and the quality of work. Whereas, happy people perform their work with even more passion and add value to a company’s vision and growth.

About the Company: Glomm is a 360° digital marketing & branding agency in India, which provides all kinds of designing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, audio-visual production &  website development services. With our global community, we aim to create solutions that liberate brands from being merely ordinary. For more information visit

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